Cherries in SO2
- Red cherries
- Cherries for fruit salad
- Cherries with stem, without pit
- Cherries without stem, without pit
- White cherries, whole and half

Cherries in alcohol
- Cherries in alcohol
We manufacture a large variety of cherries:
• cherries with stem and without pit, for maraschino companies;
• cherries with yellow firm flesh, for glace and confectionary companies;
• cherries bleached, in all size;
• cherries for fruit cocktail, Whole and Halves Cherries.

The quality of the cherries is guaranteed by tests carried out continually by a high skilled staff. Partenope Frutta is able to satisfy whatever requirements, offering products of high quality and distributing them all over the world (America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa etc.).
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